When the marriage damages you, Divorce is not a bad word...
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(i) "RESOLVED that the Balance Sheet as at --st --------- 200__ and Profit & Loss Account ending on that date for the year ended on that date, as also the schedules and notes appended thereto be and are hereby approved.

(ii) RESOLVED FURTHER THAT Sh _____________,Chairman, Sh. ________________, Director be and are hereby authorized to sign on behalf of the Board of Directors, the Balance Sheet as at --------------, 200__ and the Profit & Loss account for the year ending on that date and submit the same to the Auditors of the Company for their report.


(a) that the Current Assets and Loans & Advances have in the normal course of business a realizable value of the account at which they are stated in the Balance Sheet as at -----------------, 200__.

(b) that the provision of all known liabilities have been adequately made in the accounts."

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