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I am not a resident of Delhi but wish to get married in Delhi arya samaj mandir.

I want to ask:
1. Whether the certificate by Arya Samaj is valid for all legal purpose?
2. Do i need to register @ the registrar . If yes then I dont want to wait for 30 days and need it done asap, what do i need to do (Both the partners are of same caste and religion)?


You CAN GET MARRIED AT ARYA SAMAJ. This type of Marriage and its divorce are governed under the Hindu Marriage Act.

They issue certificate that u r validly married as per rituals. It is not sufficient :

You have to fill up form For Registration of Marriage at Local Body, say Municipal Corporation, and get a Marriage Registration Certificate. Thats all.

The Local Body will isuue it on the basis of Arya Samaj Certificate of Marriage.

You need Age Proof, Photo Id, Priest name & add Two witnesses, Ration Card for residential proof of one of you, & your Photos to satisfy Local Authority .

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