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Client Details Form

Client Details Form

This is filled by Husband / Wife?

Name of the Husband and Wife:

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Phone Nos. of both:

Addresses of both:

Age of both:

Current employment details of the spouses:

Date of Marriage:

Place of Marriage & Place of its Registration:

Details of property to be exchanged and details thereof:

Whether amount to be paid on any account between the parties are agreed?:

Whether there are children out of the wedlock?:

Address where last resided together as husband and wife:

Date when both of them started living separately without any further reunion:

Whether there are any issues to be resolved before applying for divorce?:

Whether divorce by mutual consent is possible?:

Details of Reliefs needed from court:

Any other details required for the case like whether you tried if so when, for a Conciliation and why it did not get through:

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  • Send online payment of INR 1500/- as Consultation Fee.
  • Send Copy of proof of marriage [ Marriage Certificate, Invitation, and Photo etc., ] to our office address.
  • Send relevant copies like Sale Deed etc for Details of property to be exchanged.
  • All the above details are required only to process your request.
  • Absolute confidentiality about them is guranteed.
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