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Terms of Services

  • Visitors to the Office should fix –up an appointment by calling phone number 0422 – 4394101.
  • Visitors without fixing appointment may face the risk of waiting for their turn for availing consultation. However, emergency consultations may be had on payment of additional charge of Rs.1500/-.
  • All visitors to the office should fill-up Form 1 given to them at the office by paying Rs.500/- towards registration charge or through online registration.
  • In case of entrusting of any document at the office, it should be ensured that the details of those documents are entered in the Inward Register of the Office. No claim will be entertained regarding any document which is not entered in the Inward Register.
  • Visitors should ensure that they are keeping a copy of all the documents that are entrusted in the office.
  • The documents so entrusted by the visitors who failed to pursue their matter WITHIN THREE MONTHS from the date of such entrustment, will be destroyed and no claim will be entertained for any damage that may arise out of such destruction.
  • All documents pertaining to the cases filed into the court for a client should be taken return from the office by the client WITHIN THREE MONTHS from the date of disposal of the case. No claim will be entertained regarding such documents after the said period.
  • The clients shall be present in the office at 10 a.m. on the date of hearing of their case and should also attend the court without fail. The office will not be liable for any damage that may be caused to the client for his failure to appear before the court.
  • In cases of emergency, when the client is unable to attend the court hearing, he / she shall inform the office about such inability well in advance.
  • Use of mobile phones inside the office is prohibited.
  • Calls to office mobile phone numbers should be made only in case of emergencies.
  • The clients should keep their contact details updated in the office.
  • Any advice given to any client in any case or for any query by any person on behalf of M/s VPS LAW FIRM, either in person or through websites or other modes of communication is with the best of knowledge and belief about the available position of law on the subject matter. Neither VPS LAW FIRM nor any person on its behalf can be held liable for any damage,loss or sufferings of the client due to change in position of law on the subject matter either immediatly before the engagement of legal service by the client or after the engagement of the services of M/s VPS LAW FIRM and its Websites viz., www.divorcelawyerindia.com, www.lawyeronline.in, www.vpslawfirm.com, www.coimbatorehumenrights.org etc..
  • These rules are subject to change which will be displayed in the office notice board and in our website.
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