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Marriage Registration Procedure



 Following details/documents are required:-


1. Application for Registration of Marriage

2. Marriage Receipt with couple’s photo

3. Age Proof

4. Residence Proof

5. Witness ID proof

6. 4 passport size photos for each

7. Passport Number

8. Full Name, Religion, Caste, age, occupation and address of parents of husband and wife

9. Certificate for performance of marriage ceremony


Note:- 1. Three witnesses should accompanying the husband and wife to the Registrars office preferably between 11.30 a.m. and 01.30 p.m.

         2. Parties may have to wait at least one hour at the Registrar office.

         3. All the above documents should be notarized.

         4. Application for Registration of marriage is available in the lawyer’s office.

         5. Marriage Registration Certificate under Tamil Nadu Marriages Act and Hindu Marriage Act can be obtained from the Lawyer’s office after seven days from the date of Registration.

         6. Parties should specify how many copies of marriage registration certificate they require.

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